Sulina Pa

ប៉ា សូលីណា / Khmer American Model / One of the sexy Pa sisters. Beautiful face and body! / Model Mayhem

Sudana Pa

ប៉ា ស៊ូដាណា / Khmer American model / Sexiness is in the family! / Model Mayhem

MoNika Ell


Meet Khmer Albanian dancer MoNika Ell / Model Mayhem

Gloria Touch

តូច ក្លូរីយ៉ា / Seattle-based model Gloria Touch

Sary Phanith

សារី ផានិត / Cambodian contestant at Manhunt International 2012 / Not bad !

Berenice Marlohe

From Skyfall (James Bond): French Khmer actress Berenice Marlohe / “Hottest Bond Girl Ever” indeed !

Kim Seyha

គឹម សីហា / What do you think of this Khmer guy ?